Saturday, June 19, 2010

I think I''m back....

Yes, I think I'm back. I've been out of the blogging loop for around two years or so -- shoot, it might even be more than that. It wasn't my choice to drop out, close down my blog, but it was choices that I made that led me to have to close it down. I blogged in secret, which, when you have a partner, is much different than blogging anonymously. But that whole story warrants its own post.....definitely.
So, I'm playing around right now with titles, colors, layouts, etc. Once upon a time, blogging and the sober blogging community was a huge part of my recovery. Something has been missing for a long time now -- maybe this is part of it.....


  1. Scout, wow have I missed you! There aren't many of the old crowd still around but Mary Christine and Dave are still blogging.Meg shows up occasionally as did JJ. I have mentioned you several times, wondering how you are doing. Glad that you are back. There is a good community of recovery bloggers around now. I hope that you will be around too.

  2. Wow Scout..of course I remember you! You made a comment on my blog at the beginning that was key to pointing me to AA..and my I spent the first 2 weeks just trying to do it MY way..thinking I could figure this out all by MYSELF and then YOU asked me..."do you even go to meetings?" and the answer of course was no..because going to meetings meant asking for help and my ego wasn't ready to do that. I thought I could just read your blogs and books and pick up what I wanted and make my own little program without ever showing my face..but of course it wasn't working and your little comment was one of things that helped get me to my first thank you for that and I hope you are well. I haven't been very regular in my posting for the last 6 months but I am trying to get back...writing, journaling was something I never did and it really was critical in my recovery..and reading about other's journeys was a great model for me..thanks for being one of those too. It'd be cool to read you again....xo